Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

I am in Redmond, WA which is about 8 miles east of Seattle.

Are you associated with any other rescues?

Hard Luck Horses is not associated with any other rescues. HLH does network with other rescues occasionally and has transfered horses between rescues. The very few rescues that HLH does network with are listed on our links page.

Why does it seem like there are more Appaloosas then other types of horses?

Because I like Appaloosas best. I think that the Appaloosa is the best breed of horse in the world and it particularly pains me when I see them in hard situations. Rescue is an emotion driven business, and my emotions reach out to Appaloosas more then any others.

Why didn't you take in (whatever) horse?

I take in the horses that I choose to. Generally speaking, I only take in horses that I think can be rehabilited, retrained, or otherwise made adoptable in a short period of time and without horendous costs. Also, please remember that I am one person doing this on one budget with only so much time, space and resources available.

Can I turn my horse over to you?

Maybe. If I have room for another horse at the time you ask, then it will mostly depend on your horse and what his/her issues are. If I cannot take in your horse, I can probably point you towards a person or organization that can take the horse or otherwise help you out.

Why don't you list all the horses on your website?

It could be as simple as I just don't feel like it, but it more often is a decision based on how I obtained a horse. For example, I may have only been able to get a horse out of a bad situation by promising his owners that I would not publicly expose them, or the horse may have been brought into the rescue due to an abuse situation and it would be a bad idea to let it's abuser know where to find the horse.

Where can I see a copy of HLH's contract?

Here is my standard contract. This contract may be modified or abandoned dependant upon the situation, but this is the one that I most commonly use.

Have each and every one of HLH's horses left on contract?

No. For the first year of rescuing, I did not have a standard contract. Many of the horses that were rehomed in this period of time went out on verbal promises or bills of sale with buy back guarentees.

Will you really take back any horse, no questions asked?

No. I will take back any horse that I adopt out no matter what the reason, but I will ask questions. The adopter who is returning the horse is an expert in that horse and I will ask questions so that I can better prepare the horse for his next home.

Do you adopt out nation-wide or only locally?

I only adopt out horses to western Washington unless there are very special circumstances. Since these horses go out on a lease, not a change of ownership, there is always the possibility that an adopter might have to return a horse or that a horse is not being taken care of. I want all the horses that I adopt out to be close enough that I can check on them and if necessary bring them back home.

Why a lease and not a transfer of ownership?

When a horse is actually transfered into the ownership of another individual, it becomes a losing battle to get that horse back if needed no matter what kind of agreement was made. I do check out all adopters and I assume that they will take good care of the horse they adopt... but I am not willing to risk a horse's life on assumptions. If one of the HLH horses is not being taken care of, I want to be able to go and get it, not have to fight a battle in court while the horse starves to death.

If this is a lease, doesn't that mean HLH can just take back the horse?

Yes. Either party can cancel the lease at any time for any reason. HLH can demand the return of the horse at any time. That being said, the whole point of horse rescue is to get the horses into good homes. Trust me, the second to last thing that I want to see, is one of the horses coming back to me - once they leave, I want them to stay gone. That being said, the very last thing I want to see is one of the horses end up in a bad spot. This is why I retain ownership. In case worst comes to worst, I want to be able to step in and retrieve the horse quickly and with as little hassle as possible.

What if an adopter can no longer keep the horse, but their sister/friend/whatever wants him?

An adopter is welcome to try to match up their horse with another individual, but that new person must adopt the horse through Hard Luck Horses. An adopter can not transfer ownership of any horse, since legal ownership belongs to Hard Luck Horses. This is so that there is always a current and valid contract in place to protect the horse.

Are your prices firm, or are they open for negotiation?

My prices are fair and are far less then what I have into the horse. That being said, the whole point is to get these horses into the best homes possible... even if that means that their price has to change. However, the more I lose on each individual horse, the fewer horses that I can rescue in the long run.

Do you have an adoption application?

Yes, I do. You can view it right here.

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