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horses we love and save!
1/15/2016 - Alicia

Hello, I just came across your website while researching Redmond/horses. Thank you for your wonderful work. I have a group of four saved from a bad end horses, some of whom I've cared for (among several others) for 17 years. I love them all dearly and as I am considering moving to the area, I am wondering if you have any suggestions for an economical, good quality of life boarding situation in your area. Feel free to e mail me at equine ashram at gmail. Thanks!!! Alicia

Enjoyed Your Horse Stories
3/31/2015 - Catherine Madera

Stumbled on this site and just wanted to say I really enjoyed your descriptions of the horses, their (often) unbelievable histories and your obvious affection for them all. You are a generous, compassionate and insightful person. I hope you are keeping your stories somewhere for others to read in the future. Best wishes.

2/9/2015 - Crystal

Hi, I found your website when I "googled" "tack shops redmond wa". Your name was listed in the Yellow Pages link. << I know I always like to know how someone "found" whatever business I'm involved in. :) I'm impressed with you attention to detail in your website. Lots of info! I love it! Do you have a FB page? That way I could share your posts with my friends. :) Thanks, Crystal

5/15/2014 - elayne

You have a wonderful and informative web site. I love what you are doing. If you have a newsletter I would love to receive it. Bless you for what you are doing.

thank you!
4/8/2014 - Eileen Turk

Thank you for being there for these horses and showing them the care and love their previous stewards did not.

3/28/2013 - Heather Shambarger

I would love to see you guys on FB telling the world about your compassion and hard work you do for the ones in need. For now I will bookmark your website and keep checking back. Keep up the good work!

great work
6/11/2011 - kara

i wish i could adopt them all.

Good on you
12/7/2008 - Amanda Barber

Hi Tash I did not know you had your own rescue. Very nice. Your horses look great and loved. Hope all is well for you. I am enjoying my Foxtrotter I bought at the auction. She is everything I wanted. I will be moving to a new location in the spring and will be looking for one more gaited horse so let me know if you hear of any available. You are doing a fine job.

Ace aka "Dingo"
10/28/2008 - Shela

Hi Tash, Just a note to let you know how appreciative I am that you have gone above and beyond in making the adoption of "Dingo" a smooth transition. I am so fortunate to have him. It is because of you and your rescue that he will live a long and healthy life. I dread to think of what would have been without your compassion and generosity. Sincerely, Shela

A Blessing - Shasta and Your Awesome Work
5/15/2008 - Helen, Michael and Monique

Tash, this is awesome work you are doing with the Lord's animals. I'm thrilled that we all get to enjoy the fruits of or your work. We can't wait to have Shasta, to show the care and love we have for her. The kids are soo excited. Also -- superb website.

Kem'Falla Las formerly Yasu
5/11/2008 - Jen Moreno

It was fate i found this girl even thought the event that led to finding her was Tragic. I couldnt have found a horse better suitted to me that Las is. Tash you did a wonderful thing saving her so that i was lucky enough to have met her and you and my other love again Tamarack. Anytime you need anything if its possible for me to do it you can count on me i owe you more then the world for having this Girl in my life. Thank You from deep in my heart and soul.

Thank You
5/3/2008 - Mike

Thank you again for our wonderful horses. These guys are everything that I thought a rescue horse was not. They are sound, sane, healthy, well trained. Thank you for saving their lives and brining them into ours.

Nice Job!
5/1/2008 - Tes

One of your rescues, Breeze, came to live by me. She is a wonderful horse. When I was told about your website I came to take a look and WOW! You did a wonderful job with Paloma I can't believe she ever looked like those entry photos.

4/27/2008 - Patty

I talked to you yesterday and saw your beautiful setup. You are a true credit to the rescue world. I look forward to adopting one of your ponies.

Wonderful Rescue!
4/20/2008 - Ashley

Thank you so much for doing the work that you do! It is nice to finally find a reputable rescue that I can stand behind. More rescues should follow your example.

Sooooo Wonderful
4/11/2008 - Stephanie Korhel

Tash this is great! Let me know if you need anything!!!

Keep up the good work!
3/30/2008 - JenM

Tash, Your horses look wonderful and it's obvious they are well taken care of. I love seeing the before and after pictures. Please keep up the good work. Any horse that gets to stay with you for any length of time is so very lucky! We need more people like you looking out for the horses.

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