Adoption Application

Personal Information
First Name Last Name
Address City, State, Zip
Home Phone Cell Phone
Email Age
Employer Name Length of Employment
Job Title Work Phone
Ref #1 Name Relationship
Phone Email
Ref #2 Name Relationship
Phone Email
Veterinarian Phone
Farrier Phone
Horse Experience
Have you owned a horse before? Can you financially support a horse?
What level rider are you and what kind of riding do you do?
Are you a "Forever Home" for this horse?
Do you intend to breed this horse?
What are your plans for the foal?
How much experience do you have raising, handling and training foals?
Horse Keeping
Do you board your horse? List name of the facility, owner/manager's contact info and if possible the website.
What is the location where you will be keeping your new horse? Full address and any contact info.
How much space is available for the horse (acres) and what kind of space is it?
Please list any other horses that will share this space.
List their gender and age at a minimum.
Please describe in detail the fencing.
Please describe in detail any shelter.
Misc. Details
Horses you are interested in:
Do you acknowledge and agree that this horse may have some undisclosed issues that have not been addressed? Are you willing to provide the necessary care both physically and financially, (ie. proper vet and farrier care), if this horse does have limitations?
Have you read and understood the contract that this horse will be adopted under? Do you understand and agree that this horse may be returned at any time, but that any adoption fees are non refundable?
If this horse were advised by the vet to be euthanized or destroyed, what would you do?
If you could no longer keep this horse, for whatever reason, what would you do?
Additional Comments...

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