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  Date: 2/10/2007
Horse(s): Tarkh
Location: Vancouver, WA
Photographer: Tasha Johnson


Tarkh went to the Mane Event and they wanted to use him for a clinic on how to handle a spooky horse. So, great, Tarkh is spooky. So he gets up into the ring with Raye Lochart and he will not spook. He is in an indoor ring with bleachers around him, loud speakers, other demos... and he will not spook. Raye tried lots of things and Tarkh wouldn't spook. Everyone thought I was nuts and that Tarkh was a completely unflappable horse. Once I was out of sight of the ring and leading him back to his stall we passed a stall that had a mule in it. That mule let out a loud bray and Tarkh took off. So much for unspookable.


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