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  Date: 11/15/2015
Horse(s): Ria
Location: Renton, WA

Ria Vet

Ria went to the vet today... two vets actually. She has had this one big huge udder that kept getting bigger and bigger. It was dragging a bit on the ground and because it extended behind her, she was getting sores on it from feces and urine. Really, it just had to go. Unfortunately that is easier said than done. So today they sedated her, "milked" her, and then banded the udder. When they were milking her a mostly clear fluid was coming out and there was probably over a gallon of it. At one point in the video I show what looks like a rain puddle, but it's not - all of that and more came out of Ria. It will take a couple weeks, but hopefully this will solve Ria's problem.


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