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  Date: 10/1/2015
Horse(s): Mama
Location: Redmond, WA

Mama Advertising Video

Mama - 20yr Leopard Appy (ApHC) Mare

Mama is like everyone's stereotypical mother. She is sweet, gentle, nurturing and will take care of you. However she demands respect and she occasionally tells you her opinion no matter if you want to hear it or not. Mama is an older mare who is been there done that. She is perfectly sound and healthy and can run laps around many of our younger horses. She is a no muss - no fuss kind of mare who can be ridden in the arena or the trails with no warm up after being out to pasture for months. Standing at 14.2hh she is a great size for kids wanting to ride a real horse, or folks just wanting a shorter mount. She is safe for just about any rider and has more stop than go, which is perfect for a less confident rider who doesn't want a horse who will run off with them. She rides western and loves the trails. She will go out alone or in groups, but new horses can make her nervous. She is a very submissive horse in the herd and gets along well with her herdmates. She loads and hauls nicely. She is not a fan of the farrier, but a good hand can get her through it. Mama is usually very well behaved for handling, however sometimes she gets an appytude and is a bearcat to do something normally simple with (such as the last time we went to saddle her and she thought jigging and throwing her head was great fun), although she always minds her manners under saddle. Mama has had foals in the past and is good with them. She was rescued from the Hermiston sale after she had the audacity to allow her last foal to be born solid instead of spotted. Mama is up to date with her vet and farrier care, including having her teeth done twice since I have gotten her.

Mama is looking for a new home where she can be a trail horse or simply a companion. I required a contract for her protection and am asking adoption fee of $500 obo (a great home is more important than the adoption fee). Mama is currently located in Redmond WA and is only available to WA and OR homes. If you are interested in Mama, please fill out an adoption application... http://hardluckhorses.com/AdoptApp.asp


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