Status Adopted - No Monitor
Dates In: 6/3/2007    Out: 11/4/2007
DOB 1/1/2003
Gender Mare
Height 15.1
Color/Markings      White - Medicine hat, heart shield, side spot
Type/Breed Horse: Mustang Draft
Microchiped / Branded Yes / No
Source Kill Pen
Training Green broke. Needs more training.
Concerns Strong Personality
Information Financials/Records*
Adopter Update:

I can now single her out of the herd and free lunge her and stays with me. Also, get this. Off lead she will trot beside me, stop, back up and haunch. I can also ground tie her in amongst the herd or in an arena full of riders. She needs a very strong leader (emotionally strong). Her personality comes out more every day though. She's really quite the clown. Another cool thing is she comes when you whistle for her and when you call her name. That's pretty cool. My other horses look at me and go back to grazing. In a few years I she will make a really nice show horse. I can see all of the potential in her so I'm not going to hurry any of her training


She appears to be a draft/paint cross and has two blue eyes. She was 4 years old, in good health, flashy and friendly. Josta is a beautiful mare with loads of potential for the person willing to put the work into her. She is built like a tank and she is very flashy. At only 4 years old she is basically a blank slate aside from her reluctance with the vet. She is a highly intelligent horse - too intelligent really - and has shown some ability at problem solving. She is an escape artist who can untie her ropes, unlatch fences and even jump out of fences. Even still she seems to like human contact and will hide behind her people when she is frightened of something. She has had 60 days of training and been through a colt starting clinic. Josta is bottom horse in a herd situation and really likes people. She needs someone who is going to be able to spend a lot of time with her. She is going to make someone one *heck* of a horse.


Josta's mother was a BLM mustang off of the Paisley Desert in Oregon. She was pregnant when she was adopted and Josta was the foal. This owner adopted three mustang mares (2 were pregnant) and then turned them loose out in their pasture. The horses lived there for about four years before a family crisis brought them all to the feedlot. Josta was rescued from the feedlot on June 1st by Columbia Basin Equine Rescue. Due to her large size I decided that she might make a good saddle horse for me and so I adopted her.

Date Type Amount
6/3/2007Purchase- 824
6/5/2007Vet- 75
6/16/2007Board-Medical- 282
6/17/2007Vet- 80
6/17/2007Supplies- 30
7/5/2007Transport- 100
7/15/2007Training- 200
7/15/2007Board-Training- 325
7/28/2007Farrier- 100
7/28/2007Vet- 300
8/1/2007Training- 350
8/1/2007Board-Training- 450
8/21/2007Vet- 88
8/31/2007Training- 500
8/31/2007Transport- 50
8/31/2007Board-Training- 80
9/1/2007Training- 350
9/1/2007Board-Training- 450
9/4/2007Vet- 115
9/29/2007Farrier- 100
10/1/2007Board-Training- 200
10/10/2007Advertising- 100
11/4/2007Adoption+ 1000
Total Expense/Profit -4149
*Board/feed costs are rarely posted, however most horses incur approximately $200/month in such costs.
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9/3/2007 9/3/2007 8/12/2007 8/12/2007 7/22/2007 7/22/2007 7/7/2007 My Herd 7/7/2007 Indian Pony

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