Status Resident
Dates In: 5/11/2016    Out: 8/13/2016
DOB 5/14/2003
Gender Mare
Height 15.3
Color/Markings      Bay - Star and two socks
Type/Breed Horse: Thoroughbred 
Registration Jockey Club: Shirley Joyce - G41028
Microchiped / Branded No / No
Source Kill Pen
Training Broke
Concerns Cripple
Information Financials/Records*

Tara is the sweetest horse that I have ever met. She genuinely loves people and wants to be with you all the time. She is well mannered, easy to handle, obliging and willing. Her greatest joy is just to stand quietly with you while you brush her. However, Tara's life has not been easy and it has left her a wreck. When she came to me she was emaciated, badly dehydrated, scuffed up, sick with Strangles, her back was badly out of alignment, her hind feet were bull nosed, her fronts were rotated and had bone loss from chronic founder. The first four ailments were easy enough to fix as they just required basic care. When she was on the feedlot she certainly had plenty of food and water available, however she was too submissive to try and shoulder up to the other horses to get it. Once in her quarantine pasture she picked up nicely and soon it was just her back and feet that were left to deal with. I believe her back can be fixed with chiro and her hind feet with a proper trimming schedule, however her front feet will cripple her for life. She moves soundly out on the grass and appears to be without pain there, however the question will be if she can be kept pain-free long term. If not, this might simply be a "last summer" type situation for her, but I shall do my best to make it her best.


Tara is a 13 year old decently bred OTTB mare. She was no good on the racetrack and has been bounced around ever since she left it. She is a multi-time re-rerescue who after her last rescue failure found herself at a feedlot labeled slaughter only. I do know the details of most of her history, however part of the agreement to pull her was that her history would be forgotten. I will state though that she has been through 4 auctions, 3 feedlots, and 2 rescues that I know of. Her history reminds me greatly of Sweet Year's and right at a time when Sweet Year herself is failing and in need of gentler company. My great hope is that these two drop outs from the "sport of kings" can comfort each other in their last years.

Date Type Amount
5/11/2016Purchase- 550
5/13/2016Transport- 250
5/14/2016Farrier- 25
5/27/2016Vet- 230
6/4/2016Farrier- 40
7/10/2016Farrier- 0
8/5/2016Vet- 35
8/13/2016Other- 350
Total Expense/Profit -1480
*Board/feed costs are rarely posted, however most horses incur approximately $200/month in such costs.
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6/11/2016 OTTBs
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