Status Adopted
Dates In: 6/12/2015    Out: 9/26/2015
DOB 4/4/2004
Gender Mare
Height ~15hh
Color/Markings      Chestnut -
Type/Breed Horse: Paint 
Registration APHA: Quintos Sasi Lasi - 783204
Microchiped / Branded Yes / No
Source Owner
Training Intermediate English, Western & Trails
Concerns None.
Information Financials/Records*

Guardian (Garda for short) is an 11 year old registered Paint mare. This mare is one of those once-in-a-lifetime horses. Standing about 15hh and weighing about 1050, she is a little bulldog of a horse. Garda is an exceptionally sweet and willing mare who gives you her all, tries her best, and exhibits grace under pressure. She is very intelligent and she just absorbs whatever you want to teach her. On only her sixth day under saddle she competed at a local show with 170 other horses and brought home 1 blue, 2 red, and 2 white ribbons. She goes English, Western, in arena and out on the trails. She has been out on our local trails many times (including night rides) and in group poker rides. She is a natural on the trails and seems to really like them. She will lead, follow, go out alone or in a group. She crosses water, sidepasses and does other trail obstacles. Garda needs a home where she will get to work because she likes having a job and is more than willing. She just finished about 45 days professional training and her trainer has said that she is to the point where almost anyone could work with her. Because she is early in her training she needs an intermediate or better rider so that her rider does not instill bad habits in her. This mare will be a beginners horse before long, as she has the natural disposition for it. Garda is up to date on absolutely everything and is wearing new shoes on all four feet. She easily loads, hauls, bathes, clips, and is good for the vet and okay for the farrier. She loves people and gets along with all other horses. This mare has no known problems or issues.

Guardian is available for $2,000 and a contract. She is also available for lease by a local experienced rider who wishes to compete. She will continue to be ridden and worked periodically by her trainer until she finds a home. Because this mare was a rescue horse (through no fault of her own; her owner died) and I do not want her to ever face hard times again, I will be very picky who she goes to and will require a contract to ensure her future safety.


Guardian was a slaughter bound kill pen horse listed by AuctionHorses in August 2013 and was bought by some folks in the San Juan islands. Recently (5/15) a friend was browsing through Craigslist and found her listed for free (she was also listed in several locations on Facebook) and I called about her. I spoke to her owner about her and the lady said that Guardian had been lame the entire time that she had her. I asked what the diagnosis was, but she hasn't had one as a vet never saw her. I agreed to take her in as a rescue and see what I could do for her. It took a bit to get travel arrangements done because it required a ferry ride and I don't have a horse trailer.

Date Type Amount
6/12/2015Purchase- 0
6/12/2015Transport- 175
6/12/2015Farrier- 0
6/20/2015Farrier- 0
6/26/2015Vet- 404
7/3/2015Training- 750
7/13/2015Vet- 131
7/20/2015Farrier- 80
7/31/2015Other- 15
8/2/2015Other- 160
8/4/2015Farrier- 40
8/4/2015Training- 188
9/12/2015Training- 80
9/25/2015Vet- 55
9/26/2015Adoption+ 2000
Total Expense/Profit -78
*Board/feed costs are rarely posted, however most horses incur approximately $200/month in such costs.
Videos     (Click individual thumbnails to play)
9/18/2015 Not Peaceful 9/18/2015 Peaceful Herd 9/12/2015 Garda at Walk 9/12/2015 Garda gives Ril a ride 6/12/2015 Guardian with Herd
Photos     (Click individual thumbnails to enlarge)
9/26/2015 Good Bye Garda! 9/26/2015 9/26/2015 9/18/2015 9/18/2015 9/18/2015 9/18/2015 9/18/2015 9/12/2015 9/12/2015 9/12/2015 9/8/2015 Boo boo 8/16/2015 8/16/2015 8/16/2015 8/2/2015 8/2/2015 8/2/2015 Halter Winner 8/2/2015 Candid Moment 8/2/2015 First Ribbon 8/2/2015 8/2/2015 8/2/2015 8/2/2015 8/2/2015 8/2/2015 8/2/2015 8/2/2015 8/2/2015 8/2/2015 8/2/2015 8/2/2015 8/2/2015 8/2/2015 8/2/2015 8/2/2015 8/2/2015 8/2/2015 8/2/2015 8/2/2015 What a mare! 7/30/2015 7/26/2015 7/25/2015 7/25/2015 7/24/2015 7/23/2015 7/22/2015 7/6/2015 7/6/2015 6/26/2015 6/20/2015 6/20/2015 6/20/2015 6/20/2015 6/20/2015 6/12/2015 6/12/2015 6/12/2015 6/12/2015 6/12/2015 6/12/2015 6/12/2015 6/12/2015 6/12/2015 5/24/2015 Craigslist Ad 8/25/2013 Feedlot 8/24/2013 AuctionHorses Ad

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