Status Adopted
Dates In: 4/1/2007    Out: 7/13/2007
DOB 1/1/1996
Gender Mare
Height 14.2
Color/Markings      Bay - Star and blaze
Type/Breed Horse: Arabian 
Microchiped / Branded Yes / No
Source Auction
Training Kid's horse. Trail, show, arena, dressage.
Concerns Not fond of adults. Need to watch for future sarcoids.
Information Financials/Records*
Final Update:

Nimir developed some sort of Neurological condition that defied diagnosis. She was maintained for over a month with vet support in the hopes that she would recover from this condition, but she only got worse and so was finally put down.

Adopter Update:

Nimir went to the Quinn Meadows horse camp with her new boy. He absolutely adores her and it is very obvious that she also adores him. They went out on their first trail ride together and she took wonderful care of him.


When I got her she had truly extensive sarcoid issues. She had sarcoids that had nearly eaten up her ear, a huge softball sized on on her inner thigh / belly area and other assorted sarcoids throughout her body. She was severely malnourished, badly underweight, had overgrown hooves and some kind of skin condition. All of this has been fixed, although there is scarring. Nimir now is an excellent prospect for a youth horse - especially if they wish to go into English competitions. She is very personable, likes other horses, easy to catch, well broke, some dressage and jumping ability and has both restraint and spirit. Nimir is an excellent kids horse, in fact she doesn't really care for adults. When she sees children she comes running to them and is very good and careful with them.


Nimir's history is a mystery. She has obviously been a show horse and has had some dressage training in her past. It is apparent that she was a kid's horse and that she has had at least one foal. When she was walked through the auction ring, she had no history with her and was walked through by the auction attendant.

Date Type Amount
4/1/2007Purchase- 31
4/1/2007Transport- 100
4/2/2007Vet- 201
4/7/2007Supplies- 72
4/7/2007Supplies- 71
4/8/2007Farrier- 50
5/5/2007Vet- 65
5/12/2007Vet- 155
5/26/2007Other- 100
5/26/2007Vet- 135
6/2/2007Vet- 295
6/27/2007Vet- 105
7/5/2007Transport- 100
7/5/2007Board- 100
7/13/2007Board- 80
Total Expense/Profit -1660
*Board/feed costs are rarely posted, however most horses incur approximately $200/month in such costs.
Photos     (Click individual thumbnails to enlarge)
7/18/2007 7/17/2007 7/15/2007 What a Ride! 7/2/2007 Poor Pony 6/30/2007 Nimmy Loves Babies 6/30/2007 Harley's Horses 6/25/2007 6/7/2007 5/28/2007 5/28/2007 5/28/2007 Kids Horse 5/26/2007 5/20/2007 5/20/2007 5/5/2007 5/5/2007 Follow Me 5/5/2007 Nimir's New Coat 4/29/2007 4/29/2007 4/17/2007 4/17/2007 4/14/2007 4/14/2007 4/3/2007 4/1/2007 Skin and Bones 4/1/2007 Not Dead Yet 4/1/2007 Slaughter Reject

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