Status Rehab
Dates In: 12/7/2014    Out: 2/19/2016
DOB 1/1/2004
Gender Gelding
Height ~15.3
Color/Markings      Gray -
Type/Breed Draft: Percheron Belgian
Microchiped / Branded Yes / No
Source Auction
Training Rides, Drives and Pulls
Concerns Balance and backing
Information Financials/Records*
Final Update:

As Aslan got healthier he started to move around more and, unfortunately, this combined with his instability lead to several injuries. His mind wanted to do things that his body just could not do. His last injury damaged his knee to the point where he couldn't bend it. He was already lame and unstable in the hind, but the added instability of the front knee meant that he was no longer pasture sound and wouldn't have even been able to get his feet trimmed or get into a trailer. On Feb 19th he was having a "good" day. He was happy, alert and thoroughly pleased with his extra rations of grain and treats. When the time came he went down easily and gently crossed the rainbow bridge.


Aslan is a 11 year old Percheron / Belgian cross draft gelding. He stands about 15.3hh and is a massively stout horse who probably weighs around 1,600 lbs. Aslan is trained to ride and was used extensively on the trails, but is also trained to drive a carriage and a sleigh, and to pull logs. Aslan is a sweet and wonderfully docile natured horse. He soaks up human affection and will actively seek you out for attention. He gets along well with all other horses and tends to be on the bottom of the herd hierarchy. He tries very hard to do what you want him to do and does seek to please. He is good for the vet and farrier, loads easily into step up trailers, likes baths, and is easy on fences. He is comfortable and able to walk and trot around without difficulty, however he has gait abnormalities that point to a lasting infirmness. That being said, he is a gorgeous, sweet tempered and affectionate.


Aslan was sold at the December 2014 Enumclaw auction because his previous home had too many horses to care for. He was ridden through the ring and rode nicely. There was noticeable oddness in his gait during the auction, but I attributed it at the time to him being nervous and on slick flooring. When he arrived he was over 500 lbs underweight, had some sort of chronic and systemic infection and was very unsound. His feet were a mess with the frogs on his hind feet all rotted and there was something very wrong with his gait. He fell down to the ground four times the first night that I had him and had several more close calls. His hind end and his front end don't seem to work together and it makes him very clumsy. He also was randomly falling asleep in the middle of tasks (such as eating or drinking).

Date Type Amount
12/7/2014Purchase- 864
12/7/2014Transport- 60
12/19/2014Supplies- 78
12/19/2014Farrier- 0
1/3/2015Farrier- 0
1/19/2015Vet- 467
2/8/2015Wormer- 16
2/8/2015Farrier- 0
3/14/2015Farrier- 0
3/22/2015Farrier- 0
3/27/2015Vet- 305
5/2/2015Farrier- 0
5/8/2015Vet- 128
6/12/2015Farrier- 40
8/14/2015Vet- 133
8/14/2015Food- 740
8/15/2015Food- 86
9/3/2015Vet- 107
9/4/2015Vet- 50
9/7/2015Farrier- 40
9/8/2015Food- 88
9/8/2015Food- 106
9/27/2015Food- 187
10/16/2015Food- 72
10/29/2015Farrier- 45
10/30/2015Vet- 384
10/30/2015Food- 116
11/20/2015Food- 720
11/28/2015Food- 97
12/21/2015Food- 74
12/26/2015Food- 130
12/26/2015Farrier- 40
1/9/2016Food- 30
1/18/2016Vet- 329
2/2/2016Vet- 176
2/7/2016Food- 52
2/19/2016Vet- 262
2/19/2016Other- 325
Total Expense/Profit -6347
*Board/feed costs are rarely posted, however most horses incur approximately $200/month in such costs.
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