Status Adopted
Dates In: 7/27/2014    Out: 3/21/2015
DOB 4/12/2003
Gender Mare
Height 14.1
Color/Markings      Chestnut / White - Overo
Type/Breed Horse: Paint 
Registration APHA: Sassy Doll Jetarrific - 759,012
Microchiped / Branded No / No
Source Owner
Training Well broke trail horse
Concerns Can be pushy, broke tail as foal.
Information Financials/Records*
Final Update:

Lost to colic 5/4/17. She will be forever missed.


Sissy is the complete package that most people are looking for in a horse, even if she is a bit more compact then anticipated. At only 14.1hh Sissy is a small, but powerful little mare who can up and do it. She is an arena all star and an been-there-done-that trail horse. She has done barrels, lessons, trails, and even sorted cattle. Sissy is all heart and she will go over, under, or through anything and can be ridden my most folks. She gets along with most horses, and is not herdbound, but will try to set herself up as alpha if she can. This is a mare who has tons to give and has the willingness to give it all.

Other then a couple 5-minute-or-less rides, Sissy has been turned out to pasture for the better part of two years. We recently took her out, brushed her off and hauled her down to the arena for a test ride. She rode very well with just a couple small rust spots. She is a strong walk / trot / canter horse who side passes, neck reins, and will spin on her haunches. She is a bit slow on the uptake to a canter and requires stronger cues on her right side, but that is it. She has a rock solid foundation and good training that lets her be one of those uncommon mares that you can take out of pasture and ride once in a blue moon and still trust.

Sissy is now sound and completely healthy, other then her old broken tail and it's slight after effects. No one watching or riding this horse would ever guess that she was blind in her right eye, but she has been her whole life and so is completely adjusted to it. A brief tune up should be all that is needed to correct her slightly pushy behavior on the ground and lighten her up to cues from her right side.

Well bred, well broke, well built, this pretty little mare is a rock star on the trails who will take you where you need to go in style and confidence.


Her previous owner was looking to rehome his horse because she had come up lame front and back, and started bucking and so they rehomed her. The first time she bucked, it turned out that she had a hornet under her saddle pad... but subsequent rides had her bucking at mount-up. She is a pretty little mare and he got inundated with over 500 emails of folks asking this question or that question or making other suggestions. Frankly he became overwhelmed and kinda threw his hands up in the air over it all and stopped responding to people. I offered to take her, no questions asked, and a mutual friend vouched for me as not being a nut job.

Sissy is a local girl and was a planned breeding with very well chosen parents. She had lived in one family her entire life and was never mistreated or anything like that. She grew up in a boarding and lesson barn, so she got a ton of attention from the get go. Some would even call her spoiled. She was used in basically everything: barrels, lessons, trails, playdays etc; however her mainstay was the trails. She is a small mare (about 14.1), but she is full of heart and would keep up on our local mountain trails with the big TWH horses.

As a weanling Sissy's tail was broken and no one knows how, but subsequently Sissy cannot use her tail at all. She has some odd muscle ticks and her gait is ever so slightly affected, but she is sound. All anyone ever really noticed was the broken tail and the effects of that (such as having to bath her more often then most), but recently a vet informed us of something else. On 10/31/14 Sissy was diagnosed as being blind in her right eye. This came as a complete shock as in the 11 years of her life (which include 9 years as a saddle horse), she had never once shown sign of any vision issues, perhaps because she has been that way almost since birth. She is so well adjusted that you would have absolutely no clue of this if you had met her and I hadn't already told you. I had her for months, and her previous owner for years, without anyone being the wiser.

Date Type Amount
7/27/2014Purchase- 0
7/27/2014Transport- 60
7/29/2014Farrier- 0
9/3/2014Supplies- 32
9/9/2014Farrier- 40
10/3/2014Supplies- 65
10/31/2014Vet- 110
11/7/2014Farrier- 40
12/14/2014Training- 150
1/3/2015Farrier- 40
3/14/2015Farrier- 40
Total Expense/Profit -577
*Board/feed costs are rarely posted, however most horses incur approximately $200/month in such costs.
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12/14/2014 Sissys Assessment 11/14/2014 Sissy Ride 10/4/2014 Sissy Temper 7/29/2014 Sissy First Ride
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