Status Adopted
Dates In: 10/7/2012    Out: 4/21/2013
DOB 5/2/2010
Gender Gelding
Height 38" or 9.2
Color/Markings      Black / White -
Type/Breed Pony: Miniature 
Microchiped / Branded No / No
Source Auction
Training Ground work
Concerns None
Information Financials/Records*

Sire: Spirit Thunder's Broadway Express (36") (AMHR - 275787B) Dam: 2MS Magic Moments (37.25") (AMHR - 238495B)

Loki is a coming three year old Mini gelding. He stands about 37" and is up to date on all his shots, worming, and farrier. Loki is now fully halter broke. He leads on a loose line at the proper position, walks when you walk, turns when you turn, stops when you stop, and backs when you back. He is easy to catch (usually) and holds his head still while you are haltering him. He will stand tied for as long as needed and with very little fidgeting. He will back to the end of a lead line and stand there, waiting, until you call him back in to you. He allows all four feet to be picked up and held for as long as necessary. He has learned to be nice when taking treats, not to bite or kick, and has gotten over most of his head shyness. He will go anywhere, into, or through anything you ask him to. He is currently learning about lunging and will learn ground driving next. He loves all people and other horses. Loki is a very intelligent boy and could go in any direction.

He is a thinker and will stop and figure things out rather then panicking or reacting without thought. One time I came out to see him and found that he had climbed to the top of a burn pile (king of the hill!) and was stuck there. I went up and haltered him and then led him back down. Occasionally on the way down he would get tangled up again and he would just stop and wait for me to untangle him. He never panicked or fussed; he just waited politely. I have seen him do the same thing when he got tangled in other things. He would generally wait for you to fix it if he thinks you are coming, if not he slowly and methodically tries different things (lifting a foot, moving his head, taking a step in a different direction) until he gradually untangles himself. He is very smart.


About two weeks earlier we decided we had room to add another pony to the herd. We had thought "sometime this winter", but it turned out that at the very next Enumclaw auction there was a shocking (around 17) ponies present. I have never seen that many ponies at an ESP auction and even Ron commented that there were more ponies at this auction then he had ever seen before. After looking at all the ponies I found two that I really liked: a six year old Shetland mare, and a young pony colt. The mare was by far the more practical pick, but something drew me to the colt. When the bidding started I was dismayed. This auction had a very large number of horses, was at the beginning of the winter, and there were relatively few people in attendance. Ponies usually do okay at the auction because there are usually only a couple, but with this many ponies there were more then the market could support. I watched one man get probably ten of the ponies with no discrimination between age, gender, size or training... just so long as they were very cheap. I do not know what will become of those ponies, but it did not give me a good feeling... so when the colt I liked came up and the auctioneer was asking for a bid from him, I bid instead.

Date Type Amount
10/7/2012Purchase- 70
10/8/2012Transport- 50
10/9/2012Farrier- 40
10/10/2012Vet- 9
11/1/2012Wormer- 9
11/9/2012Transport- 120
11/9/2012Vet- 93
12/27/2012Farrier- 40
1/27/2013Farrier- 20
3/18/2013Farrier- 40
4/13/2013Wormer- 0
4/21/2013Adoption+ 250
4/21/2013Donation+ 200
Total Expense/Profit -41
*Board/feed costs are rarely posted, however most horses incur approximately $200/month in such costs.
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12/14/2012 Running Ponies 10/7/2012 Loki at Auction
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