Status Adopted - No Monitor
Dates In: 2/12/2011    Out: 11/19/2011
DOB 2/3/2003
Gender Gelding
Height 10.1
Color/Markings      Red Roan - Blaze
Type/Breed Pony: Pony 
Microchiped / Branded No / No
Source Owner
Training Riding and Leadline
Concerns None
Information Financials/Records*

Goblin is a 10.1hh and 8 year old red roan pony gelding. I don't know what kind of pony he is, although I have been told he could be a Shetland Pony or a Welsh Mountain Pony. Goblin is a very sweet little pony who really doesn't realize that he is small. He has no problem running and playing with my big horses and is almost as fast as them. Goblin is completely up to date with everything, is in good health, and is an easy keeper.

Goblin is very content and gentle around children - they love him and he loves them, which shows as he seems to be extra careful around them. Children can handle this pony on their own and he is pretty much a babysitter. He is a very calm pony who will stand longs hours for grooming and is even willing to be dressed up. He is a nice lead line pony who doesn't mind carrying multiple excited and squirming children. Goblin is also broke to ride and will calmly tool around at walk or trot. He can be ridden bareback and in a halter, although with only a halter on he will try to drop his head and eat if the child isn't paying attention. When ridden in a full bridle with a bit he doesn't do that and will just quietly ride around for hours. This pony would be an excellent first horse for a child with a horse savvy parent or instructor. He will only be available to a home with horse friendly children.


Goblin was originally purchased at the November 2010 auction and named Tater, but his new owners found that they could not keep or take care of him, so he came to me. I got him Saturday 2/12 at the Epiphany clinic. When he came up he was happy as a little lark, but it took about 2 hours of detangling to get him presentable. I had the farrier out within a couple hours for an emergency appointment and he got wormed that very day. Four days later he saw the vet and got his teeth floated, wolf teeth pulled, sheath cleaned, and shots. Goblin had locking stifles in both hind legs, but has had surgery and is now sound and healthy.

Date Type Amount
2/12/2011Farrier- 40
2/12/2011Wormer- 10
2/16/2011Vet- 348
3/7/2011Farrier- 40
3/7/2011Wormer- 5
5/6/2011Farrier- 40
7/5/2011Supplies- 44
7/8/2011Transport- 150
7/9/2011Vet- 300
7/26/2011Farrier- 40
7/30/2011Supplies- 20
8/24/2011Vet- 15
9/17/2011Farrier- 40
11/3/2011Farrier- 20
11/8/2011Wormer- 14
11/14/2011Advertising- 40
11/19/2011Adoption+ 1000
Total Expense/Profit -166
*Board/feed costs are rarely posted, however most horses incur approximately $200/month in such costs.
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11/17/2011 Goblin Goes Riding 10/29/2011 Ril Rides Goblin 2/14/2011 Herd Rumble
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11/3/2011 10/29/2011 10/29/2011 8/28/2011 Warts 8/28/2011 8/28/2011 8/28/2011 8/9/2011 7/26/2011 7/18/2011 7/11/2011 7/9/2011 7/9/2011 After Surgery 7/9/2011 After Surgery 6/26/2011 6/26/2011 6/14/2011 6/14/2011 6/14/2011 5/29/2011 Here Comes The Herd! 5/18/2011 5/18/2011 5/18/2011 5/18/2011 4/29/2011 4/29/2011 4/26/2011 4/26/2011 4/26/2011 4/26/2011 4/26/2011 4/23/2011 4/23/2011 4/23/2011 4/23/2011 4/23/2011 4/23/2011 4/23/2011 4/23/2011 4/5/2011 4/5/2011 3/5/2011 2/20/2011 Dinner! 2/16/2011 2/16/2011 2/14/2011 2/14/2011 2/14/2011 2/14/2011 2/14/2011 2/14/2011 2/13/2011 2/13/2011 2/13/2011 2/12/2011 2/12/2011 2/12/2011

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