Status Adopted
Dates In: 6/6/2010    Out: 9/4/2010
DOB 6/6/1993
Gender Gelding
Height 13.3
Color/Markings      Black Roan - Blanket
Type/Breed Horse: Appaloosa Pony
Microchiped / Branded No / No
Source Auction
Training Well Broke (Rides & Packs)
Information Financials/Records*

Cisco is a very nice riding pony who is large enough to very easily carry a smallish adult. He is absolutely one of the friendliest and most personable horses that I have ever met. He comes running to you from across the pasture and will follow you around like a dog. He gets along with all other horses, but will leave them in order to stand next to his people. He has had a couple different careers; the last of which was as a string horse in the mountains (riding and packing) but at some time in his past he has done arena work. He rides wonderfully in just a rope halter and is extremely light and responsive. He is well broke, well mannered, pretty much bomb proof, willing to please and very people orientated. This boy will do whatever you ask of him. He loads, bathes, clips, ties and is fine for the vet and farrier. Cisco is up to date on his feet, worming, vaccinations, and has had his teeth done. I would say that because of Cisco's willingness to go fast that he would be best placed with a teenager or a light adult; since younger kids often ask for more speed then they can really handle and Cisco will give it if asked.


Cisco used to be a string horse for an outfitter company for a long time. Then there was an accident... somehow (I don't know how), his tongue was severed and had to be reattached. At that point he was sold from the outfitters to some folks that kept him for two years out at pasture basically untouched. When hard times came, they had to reduce their herd and so Cisco found himself at the auction. Although the auctioneer tried to start his bidding rather high, no one wanted to bid except the KB and even he seemed reluctant to bid on a large pony.

Date Type Amount
6/6/2010Purchase- 200
6/6/2010Transport- 25
6/11/2010Vet- 298
6/11/2010Wormer- 5
6/11/2010Transport- 100
6/25/2010Wormer- 10
6/25/2010Supplies- 50
7/5/2010Wormer- 21
7/5/2010Vet- 25
7/16/2010Farrier- 60
7/21/2010Advertising- 40
7/21/2010Other- 100
8/21/2010Advertising- 50
6/2/2011Adoption+ 700
Total Expense/Profit -284
*Board/feed costs are rarely posted, however most horses incur approximately $200/month in such costs.
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7/5/2010 6/8/2010 6/6/2010
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6/19/2012 Cisco in his new home 6/2/2011 6/2/2011 6/2/2011 4/18/2011 Shedding 9/4/2010 8/28/2010 8/22/2010 8/22/2010 8/22/2010 8/21/2010 8/21/2010 8/21/2010 8/21/2010 8/21/2010 8/21/2010 8/21/2010 7/5/2010 7/5/2010 7/5/2010 Jump Fail 7/5/2010 7/5/2010 6/25/2010 6/14/2010 6/12/2010 6/12/2010 6/12/2010 6/8/2010 6/8/2010 Follow The Leader 6/8/2010 6/8/2010 6/6/2010 Meeting 6/6/2010 6/6/2010 6/6/2010

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