Status Adopted
Dates In: 2/7/2010    Out: 9/20/2010
DOB 2/7/1997
Gender Mare
Height 15.3hh ?
Color/Markings      Cremello - Blanket
Type/Breed Horse: Appaloosa 
Microchiped / Branded No / No
Source Auction
Training Well broke for riding and vaulting
Concerns No hard riding
Information Financials/Records*
Final Update:

Kelta was put down on 8/12/2012 after previous injuries were compounded by new and she was determined to be in pain and now permanently unsound.

Adopter Update:

Kelta was returned on 9/8/2010. She has sustained a bow to her FR leg and will need to be rehabbed for the next several months. After that she can be slowly conditioned back up into work, but she can't do any more jumping or carrying of heavy riders. Kelta has since then been adopted out to a good friend of mine who didn't mind doing her rehab. She is the perfect hubby & kids horse and so has earned her forever home!


Kelta is approximately 15.3hh and appears to be a cremello Appaloosa mare. In truth she is 1/2 Appaloosa and 1/2 Quarter Horse. She was in fine shape at the sale and was immaculately groomed... including having her mane trained and show sheen in. Ridden through the auction she proved that she could handle stress and distraction, but her true colors came out later. Kelta is an absolute sweet heart. She is very focused on people, loves attention and is content just to relax at your side. Beauty is more then skin deep in her case. Sound, healthy, well mannered... what else is there? How about broke to ride? Yes, indeed this diamond is not rough... and while Kelta will accept a saddle her true joy is bareback in a halter. She is a mare who likes to move and yet, as anyone who rides her finds out, a halter provides more then enough control.

She has nearly perfect ground manners, knows all the natural horsemanship games, neck reins, sidepasses, knows leg and voice commands, moves off your seat, and halts from seat cues. Her favorite gait is a smooth jog but when you get her moving she picks up her feet nicely. She has been trained for vaulting, dressage, jumping, pleasure shows, halter and has been used as both a lesson and a therapy horse.


Kelta was run through the Enumclaw auction with half a dozen other horses. I bid against the KB and ended up with this beautiful mare. Knowing that she was a rather unique looking horse, I had hoped that maybe someone would recognize her. Imagine my surprise when I had an email answering my Craigs List plea for information on this mare. Well, one of the folks reading my ad recognized the mare without any difficulty. Kelta was previously known as "Dixie" of the Sky Mountain Vaulters. I do not know yet how she went from there to here... but I can tell you that she appears to have been well taken care of along the way. From the sounds of it the vaulting club disbanded last fall and Kelta eventually found her way into the hands of a trader.

Date Type Amount
2/7/2010Purchase- 360
2/8/2010Vet- 33
2/8/2010Wormer- 10
2/9/2010Board- 324
2/17/2010Vet- 145
2/26/2010Farrier- 70
3/20/2010Farrier- 25
3/31/2010Vet- 20
3/31/2010Supplies- 30
4/5/2010Wormer- 10
4/11/2010Advertising- 140
4/24/2010Farrier- 45
4/29/2010Adoption+ 700
9/11/2010Farrier- 45
Total Expense/Profit -557
*Board/feed costs are rarely posted, however most horses incur approximately $200/month in such costs.
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4/11/2010 Chloe 4/11/2010 4/11/2010 4/11/2010 4/11/2010 Results from the Donida show 4/10/2010 4/10/2010 4/10/2010 4/10/2010 3/28/2010 3/28/2010 3/6/2010 Archer & Kelta Meet 3/6/2010 2/9/2010 2/8/2010 2/8/2010 2/8/2010 2/7/2010 2/7/2010 2/7/2010 2/7/2010 2/7/2010

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