Status Adopted - No Monitor
Dates In: 8/3/2008    Out: 9/20/2009
DOB 4/30/2005
Gender Mare
Height 14.1
Color/Markings      Roaned Out Bay - Star
Type/Breed Horse: Appaloosa 
Registration ApHC: -
Microchiped / Branded Yes / No
Source Auction
Training Started Under Saddle
Concerns None.
Information Financials/Records*

Neon is a well built and nicely minded Appy mare who is smart, absolutely level headed, sane and about as rock solid as they come. She is extremely people friendly and loves everyone - even to the point where she has been successfully handled by a 5 year old. She has an amazing mind for her age, is sweet, trusting, steadfast and always willing. She is not in the least little bit herd bound and instead focuses on people rather then horses. She is fairly submissive in the herd but gets along very well with virtually every horse. She has been allowed to mature with limited work to guarantee soundness. She loves the trailer and going for a ride, in fact she will hop right in and you actually have to physically restrain her from jumping in when there are other horses that must load first. She was started previously and did very well without a single buck or issue, but was given more time off as the vet wanted her to mature so she was turned out in a 10 acre hilly pasture to build muscle and strength. She takes well to natural horsemanship and would be well suited for western as she is naturally slow and easy. Although still in need of training she has retained most of her training from the previous year, and you can't create a mind or disposition like this sweet mare has.


I purchased Neon on August 3rd at the Enumclaw auction where she was selling to Oly for slaughter... but Neon is not your classic example of an auction horse. Indeed she is one of those who are often referred to as having slipped through the cracks. Neon is a 3 year old registered mare who was bred by a gal in Yelm. She was the foal of this gal's personal riding horse and she has been pampered her entire life. In fact, before I bought her she had lived on the same property her entire life where she was kept as a cherished pet. She was sold because the gal got herself hurt and her grown daughters put pressure on her to get rid of her horses before winter... why she chose the auction I will never know.

Date Type Amount
8/3/2008Purchase- 100
8/3/2008Transport- 100
8/9/2008Wormer- 10
8/13/2008Training- 500
8/14/2008Vet- 344
8/17/2008Supplies- 40
8/18/2008Farrier- 40
8/30/2008Wormer- 20
9/11/2008Farrier- 40
9/15/2008Transport- 0
10/3/2008Supplies- 125
10/4/2008Farrier- 50
11/15/2008Farrier- 60
1/7/2009Farrier- 50
1/18/2009Wormer- 6
2/20/2009Farrier- 50
2/20/2009Vet- 76
4/17/2009Farrier- 40
6/5/2009Farrier- 40
7/29/2009Farrier- 35
9/18/2009Adoption+ 500
Total Expense/Profit -1226
*Board/feed costs are rarely posted, however most horses incur approximately $200/month in such costs.
Photos     (Click individual thumbnails to enlarge)
9/20/2009 9/20/2009 Neon's New Family 8/13/2009 8/12/2009 6/10/2009 6/6/2009 6/5/2009 6/5/2009 5/25/2009 5/24/2009 Happily Ever After 5/24/2009 Girl Checks Out Boy 5/24/2009 Boy Checks Out Girl 4/30/2009 4/24/2009 4/18/2009 4/16/2009 The Girls 4/7/2009 4/3/2009 3/30/2009 3/22/2009 3/22/2009 3/22/2009 3/22/2009 3/1/2009 2/15/2009 2/1/2009 1/1/2009 11/29/2008 11/22/2008 11/15/2008 11/15/2008 11/15/2008 11/8/2008 11/3/2008 11/3/2008 11/3/2008 11/3/2008 10/22/2008 10/22/2008 10/17/2008 10/17/2008 10/17/2008 9/16/2008 9/16/2008 9/16/2008 Typical Dingo 8/30/2008 8/23/2008 8/23/2008 Neon and Jess 8/9/2008 8/9/2008 8/9/2008 8/3/2008 8/3/2008 11/1/2005 Registration Photos 11/1/2005 Registration Photos

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