Status Adopted
Dates In: 6/27/2008    Out: 8/23/2008
DOB 1/1/1990
Gender Gelding
Height 14
Color/Markings      Gray - Roaned Out
Type/Breed Horse: Appaloosa 
Microchiped / Branded Yes / No
Source Kill Pen
Training Very well trained, excellent with kids
Concerns Some vision issues
Information Financials/Records*
Final Update:

8/16/16 - Found out today that Hobo was found dead in his pasture two months ago. They believe that he had a heart attack as he had been fine the previous night and there were no signs of a struggle.


Hobo is a very sweet and quirky boy. He is full of personality, character and affection. He really seems to have two callings in life, both centered around the young. Hobo is an excellent babysitter to foals. He treats them as if they are his own and yet at the same time teaches them manners and the ways of people.

His second calling seems to be with kids. Hobo can be ridden by anyone, but is a superb kids' horse. He is gentle and sooooo very careful with them. He pays very close attention to them and does his very best to take care of them. He is probably the best kids horse that I have ever met... even topping my own pony who I idolized... even topping my beloved Brujo who was the only horse I would trust with my baby brother. I really cannot say enough good things about this horse.

Nothing in life is perfect, and neither is Hobo. Hobo is sweet, sound, well trained, affectionate to foals, and careful of kids; but Hobo does not have perfect vision. He doesn't have any blindness... it is just like it takes him longer to make something out then most horses. He sees the horses, he sees the people, he sees the fenceline, the road, the food... he sees everything. But he doesn't see well and often has to look at new things for a couple seconds to figure out what they are. Honestly I am not sure if it is really vision loss, but I don't know how else to describe it. You drop a napkin - he sees it. There is a hose on the ground - he sees it. You walk into a the opposite end of a 10 acre pasture as him and have a grain bucket - he sees it. Young colt runs off - he sees it. You have wormer paste in your hand - he sees it. He sees everything... but he seems to stare at things extra hard.

Date Type Amount
6/26/2008Purchase- 412
7/5/2008Farrier- 75
7/25/2008Vet- 169
8/6/2008Farrier- 60
8/23/2008Adoption- 0
Total Expense/Profit -716
*Board/feed costs are rarely posted, however most horses incur approximately $200/month in such costs.
Photos     (Click individual thumbnails to enlarge)
6/19/2009 8/23/2008 Hobo at Home 8/16/2008 8/16/2008 Hungry Hungry Hobo 8/6/2008 8/2/2008 8/2/2008 7/19/2008 7/19/2008 7/19/2008 7/15/2008 7/12/2008 7/12/2008 7/12/2008 6/29/2008 6/29/2008 6/27/2008 6/27/2008 Intake Condition 3/22/2008

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