Status Adopted
Dates In: 1/6/2008    Out: 4/12/2008
DOB 1/1/2003
Gender Mare
Height 15.3
Color/Markings      Bay - Mixed Snowflake
Type/Breed Horse: Appaloosa 
Microchiped / Branded Yes / No
Source Auction
Training Very well broke. Suitable for most riders.
Concerns Heart Murmur
Information Financials/Records*

Breeze is a 5 year old bay snowflake Appaloosa mare. She is running bred and is registrable. Breeze is well broke and has spent a good deal of time up in the mountains. She does not spook easily, but she does sometimes get nervous about leaving her companion horses. She is a well broke mare and is reported to be kid and husband safe. She is very good for the farrier and very easy to handle. She loves to be groomed, bathed, and blanketed. She is not a prissy horse, but you can tell that she likes to be pampered. She has very touchingly adopted Cheval, my orphan filly, as her own and Cheval seems to have brightened up her life. She is an attentive and very protective mother, willing to take on the giant Tamarack if he gets between her and her baby. All in all Breeze is a very kind and peaceful mare who desperately wants someone to love her.


4 Appy mares and a stud were sent for training down in Enumclaw. The owner flaked out and abandoned the horses there. The horses were all sold to recoup expenses, but Breeze had no buyers and was sent to auction. I bid up the meat man and took her home.

Sire: Baffles Lil Wolf
Dam: Miss Heather Bar

Date Type Amount
1/6/2008Purchase- 200
1/6/2008Transport- 100
1/13/2008Farrier- 60
1/19/2008Vet- 75
1/20/2008Supplies- 75
1/26/2008Wormer- 10
3/1/2008Farrier- 60
3/15/2008Vet- 160
4/1/2008Wormer- 10
4/12/2008Adoption- 0
Total Expense/Profit -750
*Board/feed costs are rarely posted, however most horses incur approximately $200/month in such costs.
Photos     (Click individual thumbnails to enlarge)
6/1/2008 Breeze is looking good! 6/1/2008 4/25/2008 Together Home 4/12/2008 Breeze's New Family 3/22/2008 3/22/2008 2/24/2008 Gaining Strength 2/24/2008 The Gate Crew 2/24/2008 Ground Hog Herd 2/24/2008 Breeze's Baby 1/28/2008 1/28/2008 1/19/2008 Bringing Home Baby 1/7/2008 1/7/2008 1/7/2008 1/7/2008 Breeze Upon Arrival

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