Status Adopted - No Monitor
Dates In: 10/20/2007    Out: 12/15/2007
DOB 1/1/2004
Gender Mare
Height 14.1
Color/Markings      Black - White Blaze
Type/Breed Pony: Quarab Pony
Microchiped / Branded No / No
Source Animal Control
Training Green broke but very good natured.
Concerns None.
Information Financials/Records*
Adopter Update:

My daughter saw a pic I was looking at and insisted it was her pony and wouldn?t believe it was any different then Tash offered her to me and I couldn?t say no. Christmas Eve a lil black pony showed up and calmy asserted herself in my barn. She got the royal grooming treatment including glitter braids and some scissor action. My daughter awoke the next day completely confused as to why there was horse brushes lying around and I told her to take them out to the barn. When she came around the corner and saw Stormy she was literally speechless. She was sicker than a dog and all she wanted to do was brush her so she got a few minutes and back in the house she had to go. Stormy is so careful around her and is the least spooky horse in the barn she is also the youngest. Moxie, who is most certainly the Queen of all, has taken her in and lets no one near her. The pony gets away with murder. Sorry the pics are not the greatest but I will get more when the sickness clears my house. I really want to thank Tash who made this all possible ... YOU ARE AWESOME


Stormy is a nice, quiet and very sweet mare. She is 3-4 years old and probably a Quarter Pony or Quarab. She is a true black and has measured 14.1hh both times that we have taped her. She has had all of her vet work done (floating, wolf teeth, shots, microchip, preg check, etc) and is now in training. She is incredibly sweet and is one of those horses that is just a joy to have around because she is so pleasant. She is 30 days under saddle and has picked up on her training very quickly and is now being taken over jumps. This pony is one of those horses that would be able to do almost any event that someone asked of her and she has the personality to make it a dream. Stormy is suitable for advanced beginners, but she can be lazy with beginner riders. She is up to date on everything and in excellent health.


Stormy was siezed from her owner by Animal Control with her little palomino colt and a couple dozen other horses and donkeys. When it was time to wean her colt from her, she came to me so that I could find her a home. She was reported to have been her owners personal trail horse, but how that could be when she was barely 4 years old and had a foal at her side, I do not know.

Date Type Amount
10/20/2007Purchase- 200
11/10/2007Vet- 200
11/18/2007Training- 300
11/18/2007Transport- 60
11/18/2007Board-Training- 200
12/13/2007Advertising- 100
Total Expense/Profit -1060
*Board/feed costs are rarely posted, however most horses incur approximately $200/month in such costs.
Photos     (Click individual thumbnails to enlarge)
12/9/2007 I think I can... 12/9/2007 Decked Out 11/11/2007 Mini Tarkh 11/3/2007 6/14/2007 Safety 6/14/2007 6/14/2007

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